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Natural Killer(NK)cells are one of the lymphocytes clinically used various cancer type.
Cytotoxicity of NK cells to squamous cell carcinoma(SCC), however, has not yet been studied. Nor NK cell therapy against SCC has clinically applied. In this study, relevance of NK cell therapy for anti-tumor efficacy against SCC was pre-clinically investigated.

The mice then received multiple infusions of human Natural Killer cell derived conditioned medium (NKCM) and in vivo cytotoxic activity of the NKCM against the SCC was evaluated.

Three mice treated by NKCM infusion resulted in significant inhibition of SCC tumor growth in spite of non-treated three mice showed the rapid growth of the tumor.
Body weight of mice administrated with NKCM was found to be maintained at the lowest level among all treatment group while all the NKCM infusion groups well maintained their weight.
Cytolytic activity of NKCM was also evaluated and indicated that NKCM administration showed a significant effect on the improvement of its cyto-activity .

The results indicate that NKCM therapy has a beneficial effect on weight maintenance which is relevant to the quarity of life, an important parameter in cancer therapeutic.
Taken together , the in vivo study revealed that NKCM apparently displayed cytolytic activity against SCC without significant side effects related to NKCM infusion.


We applied NKCM to three patients with tongue cancer and evaluated squamous cancer antigen to compared with that of non-treated patients. SCC antigen decrease by NKCM infusion in treated group while non-treated group showed the almost no change between pre- and post-treatment.



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The evidence provided by Professor Emeritus Minoru Ueda of Nagoya University, based on years of research and clinical experience,
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