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Artificial cartilage manufacturing method

(Japanese patent number: No. 4676679)

Nerve regeneration induction tube

(Japanese patent number: No. 4605985)
(U.S. Patent No.7615063)
(European Patent. No.1586285)
(Chinese Patent No.ZL200380107471.2)

Cultured epithelial cell sheet for corneal treatment and method for manufacturing the same

(Japanese patent number: No. 4745525)
The research and clinical practices described on this website do not constitute an endorsement of conditioned media, or any treatments using them, in Japan or abroad.
Professor Emeritus Minoru Ueda of Nagoya University's research and clinical experience over many years have provided evidence that only conditioned medium solution strictly controlled and extracted in accordance with SAISEIKEN's proprietary protocol and bearing the SAISEIKEN mark is effective.

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