Company overview

Research and development

  1. Mass production of high quality conditioned medium using automated culture equipment

    (Stem cell amplification and mass production of conditioned medium are made possible by using automated culture equipment.One unit of automated culture equipment can culture up to the equivalent of 2500 flasks.The completely closed system eliminates the need for a clean room)
  2. Transpulmonary administration of conditioned medium by using a nebulizer Interstitial pneumonia ( COVID-19) treatment

    (By using a nebulizer to inhale the vaporized conditioned medium we have developed a method to prevent and improve dyspnea and fibrosis of the lungs caused by COVID-19 and other diseases. Home care is now possible without the need for intravenous infusion)
  3. Treatment of Alzheimer's disease using a novel nasal pump

    (We developed a device that can selectively administer conditioned medium to the upper nasal passage.This has dramatically improved the efficiency of direct delivery to the brain.Home use of conditioned medium can be performed without the need for hospital visits)
  4. Development of a method for the preservation of pulp tissue and cells by using a programming freezer

    (Used when collecting teeth for the purpose of isolation of SHED.Long-term preservation of deciduous teeth has been achieved to ensure healthy stem cells)
  5. Improvement of immunocompetence by using conditioned medium of natural killer cells

    (We established a method to produce conditioned medium of natural killer cells, and confirmed that the administration of this medium improves immunity in animal and clinical studies.Compared to conventional cell therapy, efficacy is similar while the patient burden of cost, blood collection, etc. has been drastically reduced.)
  6. Development of organ-preserving agents using conditioned medium

    (By using a preservation solution containing conditioned medium, at 6 hours post-extraction, approximately twice as much cell activity was maintained compared to UW solution, which is the standard organ preservation solution)
  7. Development of treatment protocols for central nervous system diseases and allergic diseases

    (Through a meta-analysis of multicenter joint research using conditioned media, we established protocols for cerebral infarction, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, interstitial pneumonia, and diabetic nephropathy)
  8. Preparation of conditioned medium using heterologous stem cells and plant stem cells

    (Conditioned media were prepared from bovine, porcine, carrot, and olive stem cells, and their components were analyzed)