Today, we are happy to announce you Fusosha co.,ltd. will be releasing a new book, “The Amazing Regenerative Medicine: Conditioned Medium  save the World”

“No more stem cell”
It’s not iPS cells or stem cell transplants, but “stem cell conditioned medium” that is the mainstay of regenerative medicine!

Originally, stem cell transplantation, in which stem cells that can differentiate into any type of cell are cultured and transplanted, was the main method used to regenerate (recover) organs damaged by wounds or disease. Then, after Professor Yamanaka was awarded the Nobel Prize, iPS cells, which are known as universal cells, appeared on the scene, and we had expectations that regenerative medicine would take a quantum leap forward.
However, the application of iPS cells has only begun with a few clinical trials for heart  and retinal diseases. It was still far from a dreamlike treatment or transplant.
The author, who started his career in skin regeneration and has been researching regenerative medicine for more than 30 years at Nagoya University, discovered that the effects of transplanting stem cells and injecting stem cell derived culture fluid are the same. This culture medium is called “Conditioned Medium:CM.

In a clinical trial, it was confirmed that the CM significantly improved intractable symptoms such as Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral infarction, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and hay fever. Furthermore, the CM can be made into liquid or powder, and can be mass-produced. Compared to a stem cell transplant, the cost is one-hundredth that of a stem cell transplant, and there is no need for a “transplant”; the cells can simply be applied intravenously or as a coating, or inhaled through the nose. This technology has started a large-scale collaborative clinical research with the University of Bergen in Norway in 2019.

Because it can “regenerate damaged cells in the body,” it has also been effective in treating interstitial pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, its sequelae, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), for which there was no specific treatment.

This book is a revised version of the new book “Amazing Regenerative Medicine: What is Culture Supernatant” published at the end of 2018.