【 CASE REPORT : Alzheimer’s Disease,Part1 】 – Conditioned medium therapy and travel journals in Serbia –
On 26 November 2019, I was on Aeroflot flight 261 to Moscow. I connected in Moscow and headed further west. My final destination was Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia in Eastern Europe. The purpose of the visit was to confer with officials for clinical research on stem cell free therapy using conditioned medium (CM) in Eastern Europe. Meetings were arranged with the country’s Minister of Health, a professor from the University of Belgrade and the President of the Orthopaedic Association. In the meetings I was scheduled to introduce, a novel approach for Alzheimer’s disease, which is “stem cell free therapy”using conditioned medium derived from dental pulp stem cell (SHEDCM). I first met Mr. N at the Symposium on Advanced Medicine in Hong Kong in June 2019, where he was the third speakers to introduce the possibilities of telemedicine, and I was the fourth speaker and gave a talk on the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases by stem cell free therapy using SHEDCM. After the symposium, there was a reception for speakers only, where Mr. N and I discussed our presentations, and he spoke passionately about the importance of telemedicine, mainly from a business perspective, which is unique to the vastness of China. This was the first time I learnt that Serbia is an advanced IT country. On the other hand, he was very knowledgeable about regenerative medicine and asked many specialised questions. He seemed particularly interested in brain regeneration. After returning to Japan, we exchanged information via e-mail, and at some point his questions focused on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). He asked for information on how the conditioned medium is made, its ingredients, safety and specific administration methods, as well as the actual treatment results in Japan. After this exchange, in November, I suddenly received an